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By Nia Robinson

The Best, Easiest Way to Track Costco Prices

There's only 3 methods to save money as a Costco Member:

 1. Eat the $1.50 hot dog for lunch and dinner,

 2. Don't step inside the warehouse, spending +$300 more than expected, and/or

 3. Use an online Costco price tracker to monitor your wishlist and purchases

We can't help you with #1 or #2, but attention Costco shoppers! We finally created the most robust and easy method to track your Costco USA (costco.com) and Costco Canada (costco.ca) items, used by hundreds of members.

Other apps on the web, iPhone, and Android marketplace may seem promising, but they have been shown to collect and sell your data (remember: "free" is never free!) or are not compatible with the majority of Costco online products. As a response, we designed and created COSTRACKR with:

 Effortless Tracking 

Input your Costco favorites' URLs and voilà! Whether it’s for a bulk of cookies or the latest gadget, staying on top of prices of your wishlist has never been easier.

 One-Click Control 

The power to start and stop tracking is just a click away. Preserve your tracking days for when you really need them. It's like having a personal Costco dashboard!

 Set It and Forget It 

You’ll get notified directly in your email if there’s a price drop. No more constant checking required, or going back inside the tool.

Plus extra perks, like a secure, spam-free experience, lifetime updates, continuous monitoring for further price drops, and 24/7 support.

The best part? We don't believe in automatic subscriptions. Buy as little or as much price tracking as you want, giving full access to our custom price retrieval function, and stop tracking to preserve your remaining days at any time.

Whether you're a deal hunter or obsessed Costco fan, COSTRACKR is your new best friend. So, why wait? Never miss a Costco deal again!

Learn more about COSTRACKR and join the community of hundreds of satisfied users. Happy savings!

TRIANGL is not affiliated with the Costco Wholesale Corporation.
Member-only prices or special discounts are not compatible with COSTRACKR.


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