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By Nia Robinson

Real-Time Flight Prices in Google Sheets

We love travelling here at TRIANGL ✈️ 🌎. Drinking port wine in Porto, Portugal, eating fresh salmon sushi in Tokyo, Japan, or guzzling down a cheesy poutine in Montréal, Canada; our travel itches (and clearly, stomachs) are seemingly never-ending.

When we were designing our innovative travel planner, TRAVLR, the #1 requested feature was to automatically download flight prices into Google Sheets, right there with the other parts of the adventure planning process. So, that's what we built, and we made sure to make it as flexible and simple as possible.


 Input your flight itinerary. 

Partnering with a leading online travel agency, our tool takes your selected flight itinerary and ensures there is at least one (1) flight available, checking up to 1000s of flights from all worldwide airlines.

We even included real-time currency conversion rates!


 Push to start (or stop). 

If everything looks good, you simply select how long to monitor this flight itinerary for and click the button to start. That's it, done. Although we appreciate tools like Google Flights and Skyscanner, their respective flight alert systems are a 'black box' in how/when they notify you, so we wanted to give the full control and transparency of setting exactly when your flight prices are retrieved each day. 


 Right to your inbox. 

Now, any time there's a change in price compared to the previous day, users receive automatic email notifications with detailed information and trends. It's like having a personal assistant check your flights at the exact time each day, and instantly letting you know if the price changed.


You never need to go back inside TRAVLR unless you're modifying the flight itinerary or want to see all the retrieved daily flight data. But the best part: your information is completely safe and secure. Your own Gmail inbox sends the email to itself, and we have no idea when you book -- but hopefully you pulled the trigger at the right time and saved some money!


We're happy that hundreds of adventurers are using our tool, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Go ahead, see how the TRAVLR | travel planner can simplify and elevate your travel planning process.


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