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By Nia Robinson

Top 4 Ways to Browse Reddit @ Work

You may have been forced back to the office, but these clever solutions can help you get your daily Reddit dose while remaining discreet.

 #1 REXL | reddit for excel 

Launched in 2023, REXL | reddit for excel is the only solution that runs inside your own Microsoft Excel desktop application. So for anyone in Finance, Data Science, IT, Engineering, Consulting, etc. - this is the perfect choice for seamlessly blending into your Excel workflow.

  Compatible with Windows and Mac (2016+)

✅  Loads any subreddit and comments

✅  NSFW filter for risky images

✅  Fully customizable (logos, colors, etc.)

⚠️  Requires macros to be enabled

  No video support (yet)

❌  Not free, but free updates


 #2 Redlookit 

This clever web-based solution mimics a modern Microsoft Outlook for Web experience, and loads content in preview panes. Redlookit was also launched in 2023 and is open-source, allowing multiple developers to contribute.

✅  Free

✅  Modern Outlook (for Web) interface

✅  Some customizability and themes

⚠️  Web-based, which can be removed*

⚠️  No post/thread previews

  Several bugs



 #3 MSOutlookit 

Another Microsoft Outlook Web skin, MSOutlookit 2013, was launched several years ago, and similarly represents reddit posts as a list of emails with a right-hand pane to view details. But, keep in mind, 2013 was a decade ago, so it may be instantly recognizable that you're not being productive.

✅  Free

✅  Easy-to-load and use

⚠️  Web-based, which can be removed*

  Outdated interface

  No customization


 #4 Reddit Shell 

The last solution is another web-based method that mimics a classic terminal or command-line interface, popular with database administrators or IT support. Reddit Shell allows you to browse reddit listings and navigate to your desired posts, but is quite niche.

✅  Free

✅  Clean interface

✅  Can log in to Reddit account

⚠️  Web-based, which can be removed*

  No customization

  Cumbersome to navigate

  Images are small (cannot resize)


*For example, as of this date, the popular option http://codereddit.com/ is no longer available.


No matter your method, discreetly keeping up-to-date with your favorite subreddits, news, and memes is very-much possible at the office (or, wherever you choose).

Learn more about REXL | reddit for excel.


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